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New Book Promo Video – Wolf Dawn

Wolf Dawn – Check out our new video!

“In the marvelous tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley, “Wolf Dawn” is an exciting Space Adventure Epic, with the heart of Orson Scott Cards ENDER series, the soul of Frank Herbert’s DUNE — and yet, much more that is startling and controversial!”


New Book Promo Video – Freedom Club

Freedom Club – Check out our new video!

Sumeet is the cream of Indian education, and a top notch investment banker. But he’s unhappy with the good life laid before him, and soon meets Shinzou Friemann, a mysterious consultant who offers solace from the fetters of unbridled Capitalism. But Shinzou is not all that he seems, and Sumeet is unwittingly drawn into the hunt for an unusual terrorist group. One where the lines between terrorist, freedom fighter, hero, and madman all break down…welcome to the Freedom Club.

Both men explore a future world overrun by consumerism, technology, and discontent. Where being human isn’t good enough, as God-like Sentient Beings threaten the very meaning of life. Written in a way that echoes John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar, Freedom Club is frighteningly prescient, and intensely powerful.

One Buck Horror – Short Story by David Bischoff

Great Horror short story by David Bischoff.

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Check out our new video!


Customer Reviews
“David Bischoff is a writer with a strong track record and At the Twilight’s Last Gleaming is an excellent YA paranormal romance with some surprising twists. The narrator is a smart, quirky young girl a lot of readers will have no trouble identifying with and Bischoff shows considerable originality in his use of vampire themes. Recommended both to teenage and adult readers.”

First Release from Hotspur – At The Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Hotspur has released its very first title. AT THE TWILIGHT’S LAST GLEAMING [Kindle Edition] is now available on all Kindles worldwide.

Synopsis: It’s 1968. Rebecca Williams is a new senior at a high school by Washington D.C. In order to get close to a handsome guy, she tries out for the role of Lucy in the play DRACULA. Little does she realize she will get the role — plus a real vampire, a real werewolf — and a political conspiracy that could change the course of history.