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Star Hounds Available at StoryBundle

infinite_amazon_storeStar Hounds Book 2Star Hounds Book 3We’re thrilled to announce that the first three books of the Star Hounds series are now available at StoryBundle as part of The Cyberpunk Bundle. This bundle is curated by bestselling author Steven Savile and spans thirteen total books, featuring such notable award-winning and bestselling authors as Melissa Scott, Kevin J. Anderson, Billy Dee Williams (Lando!), Frank Herbert and Michael Bunker. You can learn more about the bundle here, and click on each book cover to see reviews, a preview and more!




Star Fall – Free download on Amazon

StarFallCoveBackgroundDo you like this image? Well, it’s the incredible background art used for a new eBook entitled Star Fall, by David Bischoff. It’s being released by our friends at Event Horizon Publishing, and if you act fast, you can download a free copy on Amazon this Sunday..

Star Fall is a science fiction adventure/thriller inspired by Alfred Hitchcock. Want to know more?

Read on.

A First-Class Ticket to Danger!


It has taken the combined genius of Human and Morapn civilization to create Star Fall, the vast interstellar liner with luxurious accommodations for every type of intelligent life in the known galaxy, now booking for her maiden voyage. This historic cruise will take her to the legend-shrouded center of the universe itself, old Earth, where her arrival will usher in a new era of peace and understanding.

Or so the brochure said. But someone, or something, hadn’t read the brochure. For hidden on the Star Fall is a box of anti-matter.

Just a small box … one that is just large enough to implode Earth.


The floating football spoke with an eager robotic enthusiasm. “I am Albert, your guide. We’ll be getting underway momentarily. On behalf of the crew—human, Morapn, Aslasi, and android—I welcome you upon this voyage…”

A scream split the robot’s instructions. A woman bounded through a doorway, her face burnt and bleeding. “Get off the ship!” she screamed. “You’ll die! You’ll all die!”

Adventures in Scifi Publishing – Susan Cartwright Interview

Adventures in SciFi PublishingThe host of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, Shaun Farrell, interviewed Susan Cartwright during  episode 158 of the award winning podcast.

Wolf DawnSusan talked about her background, and explained how she came to writing her debut novel, Wolf Dawn. She also talked in depth about the mixed genres used within the book (SF, Fantasy, Romance), and how parts of the book are considered controversial by some readers.

For the entire podcast, go to episode 158 of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, or download it via iTunes.

Free Ebook this Weekend

Free Kindle ebook HERE!


Adventures in Scifi Publishing – David Bischoff Interview

Adventures in SciFi PublishingThe host of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, Shaun Farrell, interviewed David Bischoff during  episode 154 of the award winning podcast.

David talked about his early career, and explained how his first award winning short story, TIN WOODMAN, made its way into both a novel, and as a Star Trek New Generation episode entitled TIN MAN. He also talked at length about the state of SF writing, and why it seems to have moved away from being a written genre for young people. Finally, David discussed his efforts to create Hotspur Publishing, already published titles, and the soon to be released lineup of books, such as: DRAGONSTAR, GAMING MAGI, and STAR HOUNDS.

For the entire podcast, go to episode 154 of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, or download it via iTunes.

Star Trek TNG #25 – Grounded is now on Kindle

 Attention Star Trek Fans!

David Bischoff’s Star Trek TNG Novel has been released as a Kindle version.