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Star Hounds Now Published By Crossroad Press

Crossroad PressHotspur Publishing is very happy to announce an agreement with Crossroad Press to publish the Star Hounds series under the Crossroad’s imprint. All three original novels by David Bischoff plus two new novellas co-written with Saul Garnell will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, Diesel, Kobo, and Smashwords.

If you don’t know about Crossroad Press, then you should. It is a growing independent publisher that has published over 650 titles. Crossroad’s original objective was to find out of print books that had been forgotten in the digital age, and bring them back to life as eBooks. As the company grew, Crossroad picked up authors like Clive Barker, Jay Bonansinga, P. F. Kluge, James Dalessandro, Joe Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, Chet Williamson, the estates of Hugh B. Cave and Irving Wallace, International best-selling authors Thomas Sullivan and William Bayer, most of the estate of Charlie Grant, works by John Farris and Neil Barrett Jr., and even the eBooks for the Stargate Series.  In addition to out of print classics, Crossroad has developed some original series with increasing success.

Crossroad Press was founded by David Niall Wilson, who has been writing and publishing horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction since the mid-eighties. David’s background in genre fiction is extensive. He was once President of the Horror Writer’s Association and multiple recipient of the Bram Stoker Award. His novels include Maelstrom, The Mote in Andrea’s Eye, Deep Blue, the Grails Covenant Trilogy, Star Trek Voyager: Chrysalis, Except You Go Through Shadow, This is My Blood, Ancient Eyes, On the Third Day, The Orffyreus Wheel, and Vintage Soul – Book One of the DeChance Chronicles. In addition to his novels, he has over 150 short stories published in anthologies, magazines, and five collections, the most recent of which were Defining Moments published in 2007 by WFC Award winning Sarob Press, and Ennui & Other States of Madness, from Dark Regions Press.

The Changeling Detective – New Release From Hotspur Publishing

changelingdetective2Hotspur Publishing is proud to announce the release of The Changeling Detective  by new Hotspur author, Phill Berrie.

Phill’s book is an urban fantasy / detective noir story, set in Australia with elements of crime, horror, witchcraft and deep-time science fiction. Sounds good? Read on:

The Australian Capital Territory has been pretty good for a runaway orphaned child with the strange ability of being able to change his face. Now, as the owner of his own detective agency, the Changeling Detective has few regrets about how his life has turned out.

However, when a foul-smelling crime boss takes lethal umbrage at some photographs taken while on a job and he gets to meet an actual witch, it’s time for the Changeling Detective to learn some nasty facts about his strange life and background.

Adventures in Scifi Publishing – Susan Cartwright Interview

Adventures in SciFi PublishingThe host of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, Shaun Farrell, interviewed Susan Cartwright during  episode 158 of the award winning podcast.

Wolf DawnSusan talked about her background, and explained how she came to writing her debut novel, Wolf Dawn. She also talked in depth about the mixed genres used within the book (SF, Fantasy, Romance), and how parts of the book are considered controversial by some readers.

For the entire podcast, go to episode 158 of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, or download it via iTunes.

New Book Promo Video – Wolf Dawn

Wolf Dawn – Check out our new video!

“In the marvelous tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley, “Wolf Dawn” is an exciting Space Adventure Epic, with the heart of Orson Scott Cards ENDER series, the soul of Frank Herbert’s DUNE — and yet, much more that is startling and controversial!”

New Book Promo Video – Freedom Club

Freedom Club – Check out our new video!

Sumeet is the cream of Indian education, and a top notch investment banker. But he’s unhappy with the good life laid before him, and soon meets Shinzou Friemann, a mysterious consultant who offers solace from the fetters of unbridled Capitalism. But Shinzou is not all that he seems, and Sumeet is unwittingly drawn into the hunt for an unusual terrorist group. One where the lines between terrorist, freedom fighter, hero, and madman all break down…welcome to the Freedom Club.

Both men explore a future world overrun by consumerism, technology, and discontent. Where being human isn’t good enough, as God-like Sentient Beings threaten the very meaning of life. Written in a way that echoes John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar, Freedom Club is frighteningly prescient, and intensely powerful.

Adventures in Scifi Publishing – David Bischoff Interview

Adventures in SciFi PublishingThe host of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, Shaun Farrell, interviewed David Bischoff during  episode 154 of the award winning podcast.

David talked about his early career, and explained how his first award winning short story, TIN WOODMAN, made its way into both a novel, and as a Star Trek New Generation episode entitled TIN MAN. He also talked at length about the state of SF writing, and why it seems to have moved away from being a written genre for young people. Finally, David discussed his efforts to create Hotspur Publishing, already published titles, and the soon to be released lineup of books, such as: DRAGONSTAR, GAMING MAGI, and STAR HOUNDS.

For the entire podcast, go to episode 154 of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, or download it via iTunes.

One Buck Horror – Short Story by David Bischoff

Great Horror short story by David Bischoff.

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Check out our new video!


Customer Reviews
“David Bischoff is a writer with a strong track record and At the Twilight’s Last Gleaming is an excellent YA paranormal romance with some surprising twists. The narrator is a smart, quirky young girl a lot of readers will have no trouble identifying with and Bischoff shows considerable originality in his use of vampire themes. Recommended both to teenage and adult readers.”

First Release from Hotspur – At The Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Hotspur has released its very first title. AT THE TWILIGHT’S LAST GLEAMING [Kindle Edition] is now available on all Kindles worldwide.

Synopsis: It’s 1968. Rebecca Williams is a new senior at a high school by Washington D.C. In order to get close to a handsome guy, she tries out for the role of Lucy in the play DRACULA. Little does she realize she will get the role — plus a real vampire, a real werewolf — and a political conspiracy that could change the course of history.