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The Changeling Detective – New Release From Hotspur Publishing

changelingdetective2Hotspur Publishing is proud to announce the release of The Changeling Detective  by new Hotspur author, Phill Berrie.

Phill’s book is an urban fantasy / detective noir story, set in Australia with elements of crime, horror, witchcraft and deep-time science fiction. Sounds good? Read on:

The Australian Capital Territory has been pretty good for a runaway orphaned child with the strange ability of being able to change his face. Now, as the owner of his own detective agency, the Changeling Detective has few regrets about how his life has turned out.

However, when a foul-smelling crime boss takes lethal umbrage at some photographs taken while on a job and he gets to meet an actual witch, it’s time for the Changeling Detective to learn some nasty facts about his strange life and background.