Wolf Dawn

Wolf Dawn

Hotspur Publishing is proud to announce imminent release of the Wolf Dawn, on Amazon Kindle.

Ashton Chayton was born with a powerful gift, a unique inhuman ability. Orphaned, raised by the Red Wolves of Opan, captured and enslaved – he is now free and on the run. Unfortunately everybody wants Ashton. Admiral Jones will torture him to get the secret of his power. Lady Lindha feels he is “The One” as named in Temple prophecy. The influential Lord Andros just wants him dead.

Ashton only wants two things: revenge, and the Lady Lindha. If you had unique powers, wouldn’t you use them to get what you want?

This is the first book in the Wolf Dawn series by Susan Cartwright. Updates on future book releases will be coming soon. Please check back later.

2 responses to “Wolf Dawn

  1. Sounds very interesting. Any chance of an epub release for this?

  2. Very disappointed it’s not available on other platforms. It intrigues me, but if it wasn’t free right now I wouldn’t be checking it out. That said, it will be stripped and converted to epub, but only because it’s not available as an epub. If it was I’d be willing to pay for it.

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