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To find out who had killed them both, he had to possess her body…

An elderly male wizard, whose body has been destroyed by powerful unknown attackers, possesses the soul-less body of a young female half-elf. A new lease on life perhaps. However, first he must not only protect his home and a new forbidden love from an invisible malevolent spirit, but also solve the mystery of who wanted him dead in the first place.

Welcome to Magudonya, a magical world with connections to our own where the path of history has been changed through the presence of magick and gods. The kingdom of Engle is a far flung part of the wide-reaching Sorendenese empire. It is a country where elves are real and lions mythological creatures. A place where a numerically smaller invading force rules over an indigenous population that is still cowed by the sacrificial excesses of their own long-dead priest kings. A place where an ageing wizard with a mysterious past was just wanting to live out the last days of his life in peace until an act of kindness towards a fellow magician changed everything.

Book 1 of the Engelian Transformations.

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