Star Hounds – The Series

Hotspur Publishing is proud to announce the re-release of the Star Hounds Trilogy, along with a new fourth novel!

The original series is comprised of three books, all written by DavidBischoff.

Book 1 :The Infinite Battle – Woman Against Universe.

Laura Shemzak. Irreverent, rebellious, beautiful. A woman with an impossible mission: to rescue her beloved brother, the most brilliant physicist of the Galactic Federation, from the clutches of alien invaders, the Jaxdron. To succeed, Laura must gain control of a top-secret Mak XT ‘blip-ship”. And to do that, she is forced into an uneasy alliance with the notorious sspace pirate, the bitter, cynical Captain Tars Norther

And that’s when Laura’s adventure really begins.

Star Hounds Book 2

Book 2 : Galactic Warriors – A Universe Torn By War

In the empty depths between the stars, man has finally met his match- the cold, cruel Jaxdron, an evil empire bent only on destruction. Laura Shemzak, a rebellious and beautiful spy in the war against the aliens, has joined a crew of interstellar outlaws on the rogue ship Starbow.

Laura’s assignment: pilot the XT Mark Nine “blip-ship” the Starbow crew intends to steal. Her secret mission: rescue her physicist brother from the Jaxdron.

But the secret even Laura doesn’t know is that she’s been programmed to kill the very man she hopes to save!

Star Hounds Book 3

Book 3: The Macrocosmic Conflict – Duel Across the Galaxy
The Federated Empire is on the decline. The alien Jaxdron are on the offensive, their superior mind control more than a match for the Federation’s advanced technology.Caught in the middle is Laura Shemzak. She hates the Federation for enslaving her brother. She hates the Federation for using and betraying her. Laura is that most dangerous thing: a spy turned rogue. With a crew of interstellar outlaws aboard the Starbow, she continues a lonely crusade for justice.It is her burning hatred for both sides that gives Starbow a fighting chance!Book 4: The Planet Killer – The Classic Series enters NOW Space

The Planet Killer – The Classic Series enters NOW Space – (Book4): Laura Shemzak is still hot and ready to party…. But with her handsome brother Calspar? Uhm, time to cool those rockets! And the Federation? Arnal Zarpfrin still schemes to capture that damned Tars Northern, his ship the Starbow and its crew. But there’s a joker in this new deck. One deathly serious — a brain that used to be a man named Dr. Harla Zox. And this Joker packs a sinister power, one capable of destroying entire planets. The cards have been dealt, and with the Jaxdron, Frin’ral and Aspach still in the game, the stakes are now higher than ever before.

Star Hounds: The Classic Space Adventure Series (Volume 1)

Star Hounds, the classic space adventure series in print once again after more than 25 years. And for the first time, all three original novels in one single omnibus, plus a new forth book that continues the adventure into the new millennium!

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