Click on each book or use the menu to search for new releases from Hotspur. We publish Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Adventure, Mystery, and Non-Fiction. You’re sure to find something you like.

Star Hounds Book 1 :The Infinite Battle: by David Bischoff –  Woman Against Universe.

Star Hounds Book 2

Star Hounds Book 2 Galactic Warriors: By David Bischoff – A Universe Torn By War.

Star Hounds Book 3

Destiny Dice on Kindle

The Gaming Magi – Destiny Dice: By David Bischoff – Fantasy in the Gaming genre.  Beautifully written and full of imagery. 

Destiny Dice on Kindle

At the Twilight’s Last Gleaming: By David Bischoff – A thrilling novel which mixes urban fantasy and political conspiracy.

Freedom Club - Kindle eBook

Freedom Club:  By Saul Garnell – Speculative Fiction and Literary Science Fiction.

Voyage With Cancer: By J “Tug” Rainey – A touching non-fiction about a man’s personal battle against cancer.


Star Trek The Next Generation – Grounded: By David Bischoff – Fantastic SciFi in the Star Trek Universe.

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