Author Bio

David Bischoff – Born in Washington D.C. and now living in Eugene, Oregon, David Bischoff writes science fiction books, short stories, and scripts for television. Though he has been writing since the early 1970s, and has had over 80 books published, David is best known for novelizations of popular movies and TV series including the Aliens, Gremlins, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and WarGames.

Saul Garnell – Raised in New York State, and now living in Arizona, Saul Garnell enjoys writing part time. Having lived in Australia, Japan, India, and Germany, Saul brings an international perspective along with an unusual point of view driven by many years of experience in the banking and software industries. Saul debuts with Freedom Club, a speculative fiction novel in the near future. However, he also delves into other genres by writing some horror, and Military SF pieces.

Captain Tug RaineyCaptain Jerald Tug Rainey –  Captain Tug grew up in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho and Graduated from Central Valley High School in Spokane, WA. He spent 22 years in the United States Coast Guard, starting as a Seaman Apprentice, came up thru the hawse pipe, and retired as a Lt. Commander, after his command at sea. After the Coast Guard he went on to get an Unlimited license, sailed with Military Sealift Command during Desert Storm, commanded all types of vessels including oil spill recovery vessels, Cruise ships, deep dive exploration vessels, and oceanographic research vessels. His cancer was an unexpected, unwanted surprise that changed life for him and his wife Ruth forever. Ruth became the cheerleader, and has had to deal with un-imaginable hardships to keep the family ship afloat and on course.

Susan Cartwright

Susan Cartwright –  Sue is an American born registered nurse, currently living in Australia. After leaving Oregon over three decades ago, she spent many years of her adult life working on “Wolf Dawn”. It took on many forms over the years, but with the help of Hotspur Publishing, Sue has been able to perfect a new version which now finds its way into print . Sue is currently editing the book’s sequel, “Wolf Revenge”, which is scheduled for publication some time early next year.

BobBogleImageBob R Bogle – Bob has been a cell biologist, a phycologist (SpirogyraProcloron), an oceanographer (light- and scanning electron-microscopy, photography, Antarctic diatoms, Eucampia), a clinical chemist (robot repairman), a histocompatability technologist (the Frankenstein business, epitope investigator at large), a reluctant hematologist (counting to 100 repeatedly, robot repairman), a microbiologist (normal flora detective, antibiotic resistance, virology, genomics, bioweaponry, West Nile Virus), a transfusion medicine technologist, a father (sub-roles too numerous to itemize), an appreciator of psychedelic and impressionist art, a Dylanologist, an aficionado of Frank Herbert, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, Thomas Pynchon and James Joyce, and a life-long writer.  Most of his professional training was at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Goodreads_ImagePhill Berrie – Phill Berrie lives in Canberra, Australia with his wife, two daughters and his extended family. He has a Bachelors degree in Applied Physics, a Masters in Information Science and a Graduate Diploma in Education. He has worked in the back rooms of education-related institutions for most of his life as an IT professional helping academics with the computational aspects of their professions. This includes such diverse activities: as analysing the mineral potential of rock samples, authenticating and distributing electronic editions of famous Australian literature, and most recently, helping science teachers teach science. Phill is a futurist and has had a lifelong love affair with science, genre-related fiction and gaming. His love of roleplaying led him to start writing and his attention to detail helped him fall into editing. He is now on the downhill run for his first century and wants to be a full-time writer and editor when he grows up or retires, whichever comes first.

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